Kuselan Konfused everyone

I admit. I should not have even attempted to see "Kuselan" AFTER watching the Malayalam version of the same ("Katha Parayumbol")....

Before the movie was released, Rajni had mentioned in some interviews that Pasupathy would be the first hero, Vadivelu the second and he would just be appearing in a guest role (just as how Mamooty appeared in the Mallu version). Now I just couldn't stop myself from wondering about :-
=> Why was he featuring in 3 songs (all of them inappropriately placed)?? Heck! There were just 2 songs in the Mallu version... But then its Rajni here, and his fans are to be satisfied... or were they??
=> There was this person asking (actually mocking at) rajini why he's SO indecisive about entering politics, and why he hoodwinks his fans time and again about what he intends to do? His reply was almost like a SLAP on the face! He says MYOB (in a seemingly polite manner).. Hullo??!! Then why don't you keep your nose out of politics and stop passing suggestive remarks!!
=> "I am not responsible for misleading dialogues in my movie about me entering politics or favouring anyone there" says the superstar in the movie! Like as if someone's gonna refuse if you would want some alterations in the script! Oh but that would make you infamous like Kamal who is often criticised for not following what the director says!!
=> What was the scantily clad Nayanthara doing in the movie? Oh well! I've just said it! she's for glamour!
=> Rajni entertains. His movies though mostly are a complete masala package, do manage to entertain. And that is one reason (among many others like his style) why he sells. But his previous movie ("Sivaji" and that was a blockbuster) did bring down the star's credibility to a certain extent. If one gives a careful ear to some of the dialogues, there were instances which defames his image.
=> Pasupathy (though sans all the hep looks of a typical hero) IS a great actor. But sadly, you need enough scenes to prove your acting ability... which P.Vasu (the director) felt unnecessary, (though he felt the necessity of Vadivelu's comedy scenes which would make one puke).
=> The epic character of Kuselan is of one who suffers from poverty. All through the movie, one is made to guess that Pasupathy is "Kuselan" being the poor friend of the rich superstar (Rajni). But even THAT credit is shamelessly stolen from him.

All said, I'm sure Rajni's next venture (if it has all the usual glamour, songs, fight, style and punch dialogues) would certainly click. People are forgiving atleast when it comes to filmdom.