Confusional Consequences!

So its house hunting time, yet again. And this time, Husbd has carefully said, "its your choice"! Well, I didn't feel flattered, as that was just a tactful way of saying that he's too busy to take the strain of house hunting.

I got my details and requirements registered with every other letting agency that I came across. This way, I wouldn't be missing out on any suitable property, I thought. I didn't spare the few websites where you get email alerts on rental properties as well. So I was happy that I've taken the first step in a very organised fashion. O N L Y , I didn't make a list of whom I've contacted. That wouldn't have mattered much.. B U T, I realised that the requirements which I've given to some have been inconsistent and contradictory.. that also would have been sorted out, U N T I L, this guy called up my husbd's mobile and asked him if we'd like to view a one bed apmt for £900.. husbd has said that's beyond our budget for a one bed apmt, and the guy has said your wife said its fine as long as its near the shops and tube station. Would I have said that? Well, I may have!

What was more interesting was this conversation over the phone:
Me: Hi there! I have an appointment to view properties this Saturday at 10 in the morning. D'ya think I could come in today instead?
Agt:I'm sorry, but we haven't booked any appmts on Saturday. Whom did you speak to earlier?
Me:I didn't get her name.
Agt: Was it Dan?
Me:Sorry, I didn't get her name at all.
Agt:Wait. You said its a she?
Me:yeah, it was a lady that I spoke to.
Agt:Guess you've called the wrong company. We've never hired women at all in this company.
I could only be thankful that I didn't indeed go in person. Spared the strain of picking my jaw from the floor.
I racked my brains. I already had to keep the 12 noon appmt on Saturday with another company as well. Although I had not taken her name, I remember jotting down the address. So I sought dear mr. google's help yet again. A N D, I stared at what I saw on the screen for a sec and laughed out loud. As it appeared it was the same company which I was to make it at noon time. I had double booked! I'm just over worked you see ;)
BTW, this is what happens when you T H I N K you're clicking, whereas all the while you've been video-ing :D

Just about this and that

How exciting would it be to get back in touch with an old friend?

This Saturday,I received a call around noon time. It was the excited voice of my mother : "do you remember that friend of yours? Her dad..." and then I lost the connection. Sitting thousands of miles away from home, only triggered all negative thoughts on what my mother was about to say. She called again within few seconds and thankfully put a fullstop to my wild speculations. Apparently my friend's dad had visited my house to get my contact info, as I had lost touch with the girl. This girl was a close buddy from school days, got married quite early, shifted places a dozen times eventually losing contacts with me. She had very sweetly sent her dad to my place to know how I've been. Numbers were exchanged, calls were made and we sank into sweet memories. I felt cared for, and happy.


How exasperating this could be?

Couple of hours later, I signed into the few social networking sites that I am a silent member of. While browsing through the ever interesting friend suggestions, I happened to see couple of names that I had already added months ago. Some have ceased being friends with me probably, as I've been deleted from their lists, and the poor software, innoccently prompts them as suggestions! Seriously, things couldn't get more kiddish. I felt bad; for maybe around 5.5 seconds.. (Thank you Almighty for the busy life that you've given me). Not responding or acknowledging is EVEN more kiddish. I'd rather someone add another as a friend, only if they want to know and want to continue to know them. But hey, that's just my 2 cents.