The Wait is over!

...or that is what I thought, when the husband who usually starts at half past seven, declared that he would be leaving an hour early, (and cleverly dodging when I asked him if that would mean he'd be back an hour earlier as well!). This meant I finish cooking breakfast & lunch early which actually means I WAKE UP by 5.00 am!After packing the food and sending the husband off, I see the clock. Just 6.30 am and the kids are fast asleep. I could hit the pillow, I think...or use the time qualitatively to browse..Tada!I send out a little thanks to my husband's orgn who decide to prepone working hours thanks to the planned outages in the city. For a person with one little rascal pestering for a missing crayon and another (who could not even stand without support)trying to climb onto the edge of the sofa with his recenly tonsured head exactly the minute I sit to check mails, an hour of no disturbance from kids means time for myself! So I threw the idea of taking a nap out threw the window and went to have a quick shower with masterplans of reading atleast one post from each of the missed blogs (for over a year), posting a school related query in the parenting forum, and sending pics of recent kids to a cousin who has sent death threats for not doing so for a long time. I step out to quickly check the kids only to find the second brat wide awake, mosquito net flung in a corner and crawling quickly to reach his brother with the ulterior motive of waking him.I grit my teeth and stare at him angrily. The little ladoo flourishes one of his lovely smiles in return and hugs my legs tight.I put the baby on my lap and start rocking him, with the 'raa ra venu' song.. Because I don't sing very well, he slept immediately, and with him in my lap I write this blog:D
Just one of those joys of motherhood!