The Colour Question

When it comes to clothing or any accessories for babies : Pink for girls & Blue for boys. Its almost like an unwritten rule, eh? atleast in the west?

I did a li'l research on why it is so, this colour allocation. None of the theories seem THAT very satisfying. All this its-there-in-the-genes thing.

Bored of seeing rows and rows of pinks and blues I now cautiously avoid both colours.

I love pink. But I'm weary of seeing baby girls mercilessly invaded by pink accessories! Especially I find the pink prams a tad uncool. Seriously.

The other day I attended a Baby girl's b'day party, and the gorgeous little one was in a cute blue frock with pretty laces. Unable to contain my emotion, I lauded the girl's mum for buying something non-pink. And was ready to get into a row with anyone who'd remark why she's in the supposed-to-be-boy's-blue colour dress.

Sometime back I decked by little boy with hat, mittens, booties and babygros all in pink. The mother gets to decide what her baby would wear. huh.