Why the husbd. will think twice before coming home late

Good news : We've zeroed in on a house, so will be shifting soon.
Bad news : Husbd is busy.
(btw, husbd is being busy, everytime there's something significant going on-got to check if this is sheer escapism he he)

There was loads to pack. Loads to dispose. I didn't know where to start. Can't wait for the husbd till weekend to do the honours, as we've got to shift Saturday morning. There were lots to do, I just couldn't figure where to start. So, I decided to take it easy. (take it easy=putting my feet up and relaxing on the sofa and let the mind do a bit of impertinent and unnecessary wandering like how Tamil actress Nadhiya could never age etc.,).

After what seemed like a nanosecond, I found myself staring at my husbd. I coudln't immediately gauge his expression. As an involuntary reaction, I looked at the clock.
So what I thought was a nanosecond was a good one hour. I had slept like a log of wood. Husbd had knocked the door (maybe he should have banged it instead). No answer. He's rang my mobile. No answer. He's gone down the lift to buzz the security phone. No answer. I usually lock the door from the inside, so he's never tried opening the door with the same key that we use to lock from outside. A neighbour suggested using the same key, and it has worked.

I had put the mobile in silence mode, while patting the baby to sleep, but I had no explanations for missing the phone beeps and door knocks. Maybe I had plugged into the ipod?

God, please save me.