I lack the virtue of Patience in the most frivolous circumstances. I can patiently wait for hours/days months together, but could lose my cool when it comes to short waits. This unfailingly happens whenever I've got to choose an id. So when I was recommended by a friend about a review site, I was hooked on to it within seconds and wanted to participate within minutes. Whenever I'm excited I'm at my creative worst. (Safely, let's not talk about the scenario when I'm not excited here). Interesting things happened much later, and following the trail of people for whose sake I would have clung to the site, I walked out of the site. As though the site was waiting for my exit, there came an option where one could change their IDs.

In the meantime, Smita decides to blog. I decide to frantically participate. To know what happened next, pls read words in italics in para one again. (if you have patience, that is). ALthough, this time round, I really loved my id. Only, I was not happy in not having a proper blog name. Now, that's taken care of.