Sinful Saturday

Saturday's are grocery shopping days. So hubs, baby and I went to the local supermarket. I meticulously start jotting down the list on a Monday, so the list would be comprehensive on a Friday.

We had bought everything on the list, and as hubs was wheeling the shopping cart towards the till, he told me to just hang on, as he had forgotten something. To the "what" question mark in my face he replied "cookies". I gave a "I'm on diet, don't u remember look"... He replied with a "well, I'm not on diet" look.

He came back with this Assortment of Cookies box. Bubble's resolve crashed 1500 meters below ground level :(

After reaching home, I usually prepare tea. But hubs didn't feel like, and somehow I too didn't feel like. He placed the cookies box in the most visible and frequented place. It was lying there, unopened and beggin for attention for around 3 hours. (Frankly,it didn't slip my thoughts for evevn a sec) SIGH!

I asked him if he forgot to open the box. He said let it be, I don't want to tempt u by having one. (poor hubs, didn't realise that bubble's brain was corrupted the minute he blurted out the word cookies)

So I opened the box.... er, actually with the intention of givng one to hubs, and closing the lid immediately. But I couldn't just overlook the crunchy biscuit enrobed in milk chocholate with a dark chocholate decoration, could I? (okay the description was taken from the back of the box, so?)

So I decided to just have one from each assortment. MIND YOU - JUST ONE.

ps:There were not much, just 14 varieties


After effect :- Guilty conscious mind couldn't let me sleep for a long time.