Of phone calls

Me : Amma, how are you?
Amma : You tell me first.. How are u doing? Are u eating well?
Don't have oats or cornflakes for breakfast.. don't be lazy to make idlis..Don't forget to check if the door is locked properly... Don't read too much and strain your eyes.. or sit in front of the laptop for a long time.. ETC.

Me : Amma, how are you?
Amma : let that be.. You tell me first.. How is panju doing? Are you sterilizing his feeding bowls & spoons properly? Don't bring the porridge anywhere near him when its too hot.. Don't be busy reading while he's playing, or he'll put something in his mouth... btw what's he doing now? sleeping?? then why did u call now?u can take rest only when he's sleeping...

Ok. I am still being cared about.