Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella

Feeling blue? Chocolates and Soft Music aren't the only ways to up your spirits. Books that could make you grin ear to ear promise even more fun!

Lexi (the protagonist) wakes up in a hospital bed after an accident, only to find out that she's forgotten the last 3 years of her past. And in those 3 years, she's become a high-nose boss from a merrily gossiping girl, an absolute fitness freak from an indulging glutton and a well-groomed perfectionist from a snaggletooth, unorganised giggling just another girl.

Needless to say she's confused. And she's hardly able to obtain any help from her sister (who's a scheming extortionist) and her mother (who feels her dogs require more attention than a recovering daughter). To add to the chaos, out of the blue comes Jon who claims to be Lexi's lover. Now, why would she have had an extra marital affair when she's married to the love of her life! Lexi's also clueless about why her old buddies seem to desert her. How has she got herself transformed into a person whom some people hate to even recognise, while others are proud to be associated with? And is this Jon guy telling the truth? How funny would it be if Lexi happens to recover her lost memory ?

Sophie Kinsella has a contagiously cheerful way of writing. One is sure to be entertained. There's something to laugh out loud in every page. This feel good factor is one reason I make sure to grab every book of hers. While reading her book "The Undomestic Goddess", I was being all critical about the flaws here and there. But there are times when you should NOT put on your thinking cap... instead just sit, have a good laugh and move on. Especially works when one is stressed out or weary of reading/watching all tear jerkers and serious heavy subjects. I would liken this book to giving way to temptations for a day, when on a strict diet.

The author also has a knack of making the main character unfailingly adorable. If you fell in love with the innocence and gaiety of Becky in the Shopaholic series, you're sure to associate with the snap decision-maker and emotionally vulnerable Lexi. There's a certain degree of suspense in WHY the protagonist becomes hell bent on her career overnight. Ofcourse any vigilant reader could easily guess half-way through the book, but the author does manage to maintain the tempo for most part. And didn't I say earlier not to prod on this and that?