Confusional Consequences!

So its house hunting time, yet again. And this time, Husbd has carefully said, "its your choice"! Well, I didn't feel flattered, as that was just a tactful way of saying that he's too busy to take the strain of house hunting.

I got my details and requirements registered with every other letting agency that I came across. This way, I wouldn't be missing out on any suitable property, I thought. I didn't spare the few websites where you get email alerts on rental properties as well. So I was happy that I've taken the first step in a very organised fashion. O N L Y , I didn't make a list of whom I've contacted. That wouldn't have mattered much.. B U T, I realised that the requirements which I've given to some have been inconsistent and contradictory.. that also would have been sorted out, U N T I L, this guy called up my husbd's mobile and asked him if we'd like to view a one bed apmt for £900.. husbd has said that's beyond our budget for a one bed apmt, and the guy has said your wife said its fine as long as its near the shops and tube station. Would I have said that? Well, I may have!

What was more interesting was this conversation over the phone:
Me: Hi there! I have an appointment to view properties this Saturday at 10 in the morning. D'ya think I could come in today instead?
Agt:I'm sorry, but we haven't booked any appmts on Saturday. Whom did you speak to earlier?
Me:I didn't get her name.
Agt: Was it Dan?
Me:Sorry, I didn't get her name at all.
Agt:Wait. You said its a she?
Me:yeah, it was a lady that I spoke to.
Agt:Guess you've called the wrong company. We've never hired women at all in this company.
I could only be thankful that I didn't indeed go in person. Spared the strain of picking my jaw from the floor.
I racked my brains. I already had to keep the 12 noon appmt on Saturday with another company as well. Although I had not taken her name, I remember jotting down the address. So I sought dear mr. google's help yet again. A N D, I stared at what I saw on the screen for a sec and laughed out loud. As it appeared it was the same company which I was to make it at noon time. I had double booked! I'm just over worked you see ;)
BTW, this is what happens when you T H I N K you're clicking, whereas all the while you've been video-ing :D