Ah! Those Lovely Days!!

WIAN lovingly asked me and few others to dream, and that too about the time of life for which one would do anything to get back - CHILDHOOD. While at school, one of my close friends used to envy all parents. "They have no History or Geography to put up with" she used to say. Little did we realise that with age comes responsibilities and reading about Indus Valley Civilisation and Latitudes, Longitudes are MUCH easier! Atleast we used to have choice to omit some questions during the Social Science exams :D.

Without further ado, here goes my Super Seven childhood memories :)
1) Childhood times immediately reminds me of the much anticipated summer vacation! In most of the schools using the red ink was not allowed (for the students ofcourse). Now, aren't forbidden colours very attractive!I used to wait for the summer vacation, to pull out all my noteboks, circle here and there for typos, mark a huge tick and do something which gave me utmost satisfaction - signed my name!!

2) I was in std.VII and almost all my friends used to cycle their way to school. Daddy dear either didn't trust ME with the cycle, or maybe he didn't trust the OTHER speeding motorists.. so he used to drop me at school daily. That was the time when the Ladybird BSA cycle was SO famous. But learning to balance myself in the cycle was such an uphill task for me :( My friends were fed up training me and almost gave up. I turned to my Big Bro for help. He very affectionately took me and the cycle to the nearby play ground, made me sit in the middle of the ground, and cycled around about 10 times and said "my lovely sis, this is how one should cycle!". I did settle scores by splashing ink on all his white uniforms. :D.. Alas! Cycling & two wheeler-ing are still unfulfilled dreams!

3) I always look forward to celebrating festivals with all pomp and splendour.. As a child, purchasing for Diwali was in itself a kind of celebration! One full day used to be allocated for the purchase. And it also meant holiday for mom's kitchen! And ofcourse we (mom and me) greedily allocated more time to choose clothes for ourselves. There have been times when I've worn matching bangles, chain, hair clips and earrings during most festivals, thinking that was SO cute! eeeeks!!

4) TV times : There have been times when I used to watch ONLY the advertisements aired. My top favourites were Le Sancy bath soap (which kept us wondering what the product was, and then was swept away from the market days after its lauch), Rasna, Rin soap and Robin liquid bleach :)Other than adverts I used to be super fascinated by Ramayana and Mahabharata! So much that I used to ask my grandma, would I have been a part of either epics in my previous births.. Too much that was, I know!!

5) Play Times : When in std VIII, PT period was the last hour on Fridays. We used to quietly sneak out of the school premises if there was no PT teacher around, and this gave us a HUGE thrill, a kind of college class bunking feel!

6) Worshipping Times : There was a Chapel in my school, and I used to frequent the place, though I'm a Hindu. The differences in praying to God in both forms of religions have perplexed and amazed me to no end. I used to pose 'n' number of questions to elders at home, and they had a tough time explaining. I have inadvertently stepped into the Temple without removing my slippers, just as how I used to visit the Chapel with my shoes on.

7) Home-made icecreams : Well, I am referring to the Bournvita and Ragi-malt kept in the freezer and nothing complicated! But I was SO crazy about relishing this Bournvita ice cream. Every Sunday afternoon, I used to allow the hot cup of Bournvita to cool down to room temperature and freeze it and have it as I used to read books. This used to give me the satisfaction that not even a feast that I cook these days give me!!

I am glad that I was tagged for this. Reminiscing childhood days gives immense pleasure and growing up was indeed fun!!


sakhi said...

you transformed me to my own childhood! :) so, your brother was always ready to help, hun? :P :P and i also like adverts alot. I used to go to movies with mom and dad just to see the adverts, later i would sleep through out the movie!! :D good old days, but now i relish those same things in my daughter! Love seeing her grow and do almost the same things i used to!!

couchpapaya said...

:D love ur stories of ur bro .... luckily i was the older one who tortured my lil bro hehehehe

that was a lovely read!!

avdi said...

After WIAN's sweet post comes another. can it be that we were actually miserable during our childhood, but dont remember the bad things? In a sort of a denial?

After all, we have quaked in fear of the maths sir, and the horrible Hindi ma'am who waved the stick miserably in our face. okkkk no more revelations.. ideas for a similar post running inside my head.

Smita said...

I dunno how I missed the post...sorry for being late....

Well u remember I had told u that I used to the same red ink thing? I even used to convert the back of a door to a black board :D (may be i'll talk about it in my post :D)

And tell u what, even my bro started teachign me how to drive a cycle and we fought so much that at the end my mom had to teach me :D

Lovely sweet post :)

Oxy said...

Ah!!! Nice tagging going on.. Almost similar stories there butof course with different backdrop.. :)

Bouncing-Bubble said...

yea, good old days! Oh am sure ur daughter would remind u of ur own childhood every now n then.. must be real fun!

I'll tell u why I was tortured so much.. Too many boys in my immediate fmly, all of abt same age and they formed a cranky bunch :D

any experience when we look back seems to be fun.. but undoutedly, childhood with all innocence (ahem, b4 teens) was way better, don't u think so?

Ur not late,.atleast not as late as I am heheh.. Till now, I know no cycling :( and am not forgiving my bro for tht

Similar, eh? can't help it, life was quite mundane, (or atleast that's how I choose to remember hehehe)

WhatsInAName said...

That was fast :)10/10 for you... so dont throw that ink on me :P

Sweet memories and I get a sense of deja vu! :)
I must try that Bournvita icecream now! Great idea :)
LOL at Avdi's comment. Bad memories can be a fun post too.

Bouncing-Bubble said...

oh no! Bournvita icecream isn't a good idea..... ur daughters wldn't forgive me for the suggestion :)

mystiquedew said...

Mine used to be a street cat blue and white...I used to be the only girl with kinda color combination fer a long time...till many others got like that abandoning the yellow and black...Grrr..

lovely post :)

couchpapaya said...

hello, where ru? please pick up an award from my blog ... hopefully giving u incentive to write :D

Smita said...
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Smita said...

You have been tagged here