The Colour Question

When it comes to clothing or any accessories for babies : Pink for girls & Blue for boys. Its almost like an unwritten rule, eh? atleast in the west?

I did a li'l research on why it is so, this colour allocation. None of the theories seem THAT very satisfying. All this its-there-in-the-genes thing.

Bored of seeing rows and rows of pinks and blues I now cautiously avoid both colours.

I love pink. But I'm weary of seeing baby girls mercilessly invaded by pink accessories! Especially I find the pink prams a tad uncool. Seriously.

The other day I attended a Baby girl's b'day party, and the gorgeous little one was in a cute blue frock with pretty laces. Unable to contain my emotion, I lauded the girl's mum for buying something non-pink. And was ready to get into a row with anyone who'd remark why she's in the supposed-to-be-boy's-blue colour dress.

Sometime back I decked by little boy with hat, mittens, booties and babygros all in pink. The mother gets to decide what her baby would wear. huh.


couchpapaya said...

lol bubbles, i used to have a minor stroke each time i had to buy something for my friends babies. i ultimately ended by buying yellow because i HATE that rule too!!

but then the other day i kinda had an inkling why it might be so .... my friend had put her baby girl in a green jumpsuit and we were in a mall. she got a lot of compliments, half of them 'what a cute little boy!' which really pissed her off ... so my theory- since caucasian babies have no hair when born, thye need that added visual clue so that people dont embarass the parents and themselves by saying all the wrong things!

i've now stopped buying yellow for other kids. with mine ur absolutely right - i will pick whatever color i want :D

avdi said...

Luckily we dont have any such codes in India. Kids look cute in pastel - period - and somehow I find, here, people like to buy stuff in Red for kids, with aeroplanes and cars on it

Angel's Flight said...

Babies in any color are cute! even I don't get the Pink Blue thing!!

Sakhi said...

:D :D

Bouncing-Bubble said...

papaya-guess why I'm so irked? here I wrap tha baby in a blu jumper, and hold a blu blanket just in case, and someone asks me what's the name of the girl! all because he's got lots of black hair... but ur so right about the confusion and embarassment.. and yes, I don't dress up the boy in pink when we are out n abt/:D

Avdi.. True. and I think babies like red and that's one of those colours which they get to recognise earlier on.. read somewhere,. so most toys are in red ..

Angel.. haha! well summed up!cute they are anyway!

SAkhi! :D indeed!

Smita said...

Lol, yes ma'am it is totally your decision ;) but i have always loved pink so if am out shopping for anybody the first cloth i touch is pink :D but yes such rules are strange! Kids look good in all colors.

eye-in-sty-in said...

Oh please dont make ur boy wear pink! If you do, dont take a pic. And if you do, dont show it to him! He'll be emotionally scarred for life - lolz! (no, seriously)

Make him wear stuff that had lots of cars on it! Bright Red is perhaps the best way to go with boys! (ask

Make him watch F1 (hey, he needs to start early! its a fast world these days!)

I also agree with Angel - babies r cute, but boys r cuter in blue and girls are cutest in pink!

yelow... its kinda border line! you dont want the kid there too much!

Thus spake the single guy with no kids! (In my defense, I was one!)

Bedazzled said...

hee hee ..i love babies in yellow.. not the jhatang govinda yellow.. but the pastel shades of yellow.. and yeah .. the mom shud get to decide what the kids wear !! .. whats in a colour anyways !.. dat said babies in pink look adorable ..!

Bouncing-Bubble said...

Smi- kids look so yummilicious in all colours, even orange, in which I look obnoxious :D

know what?i really wanted to add I didn't click a pic... nor did I take the boy out with that pink stuff! er, well, I know why u emphasise on the boys not to wear pink :) F1? ok suggestion will be implemented soon!I normally look out for bright colours for babies, colours that would be repulsive on an adult looks so gorgeous on babies!!

bedazzled...I've always associated pink with babies (irrespective of this gender bias)... and yup, I've got to settle down for either yellow or brown most of the times, as that's what is available by and large!!

Vee said...

My bro n his wife dress their newly born (Baby Girl) in Pinks and sometimes in a lighter shade of blue.

I say, no such preferences should be there. What looks gud, thats it. Put that. Simple.

eye-in-sty-in said...

You dont click a pic...? Then whats the point of dressing him up :P
You are right abt babies carrying the glaring colors well :-)

If u dont click a pic, So how do we get to see the lil boy?

roflindian said...

Gimme Red. Anytime. There's even a fairy tale with a reference to the red colour. Its called Little Red Riding Hued!

Bouncing-Bubble said...

"What looks gud, put that"-So true.

And are u being a loving uncle to the lil un or are u scared to hold the baby like most men? :)

uh-huh, c'mon my dad hasn't yet seen the boy! I've clicked loads of pics! just that I didn't click a pic of the boy in pink :D

Red Eveready, eh? I'm ok with a milder version of the colour!

eye-in-sty-in said...

lol... and now you know what level of clarification I need :P