I'm overwhelmed

Two posts, same day? That's not like me, is it? And I'm not any less busy for goodness sake!

Here I prepare dinner, (which is rasam, rice and potato fry for records sake heheh), come here and pour out the trivial taxi talk in the form of blog, and then get back to have dinner. I ask if all others are done with dinner, my father-in-law says "I'll eat after ur done". Yet again. And even without peeping into the kitchen, I could foretell that he would leave few potatoes just in case someone is tempted to have some more. Yet again.

As I was attacking the potato curry (unmindful of the baby bulge which I'm still fighting to get rid of), he asks me to come and join him to watch the Chelsea Flower Show on the telly. All because I once remarked very casually that I like gardens. Honestly, this might be a tiny gesture, but I'm touched. So though the show was more on some boring seeds, fertilisers and manure, and less on the blooms, I watched the show.

ps:Other than b/f lunch and dinner, I snack on ...err, fruits! My fil has just lunch and dinner and NO BREAKFAST!! people who could give their meal a miss, please please share how ur able to cope! as for me, I explode like a volcano out of anger

pps:I'm back to my pre-preg weight, which is... ok, let's just say not too bad! Guys, treat yourself to low-fat icecreams on my behalf!!


Angel's Flight said...

Congrats on the weight loss! and yeah that is kinda sweet of ur dad in law :)

eye-in-sty-in said...

lol... funny post!

I am sure the show was not "Aamchi maati aamchi maansa" (our soil, our people - A marathi show on farming that came on Doordarshan) :P

going to get some ice-cream now!!

avdi said...

How sweet your FIL is. I guess he has this feeling that young people need to be nurtured.

Even I wonder how people can just turn away from eating. At the first twang of hunger pangs i need something in my mouth. Sigh !

eye-in-sty-in said...

was delicious.... Chocolate caramel topped off with Hershey's dark chocolate syrup! Slurrrrrrrrpy Yummmmmmmmy ha ha ha ;-)

sakhi said...

Oh how nice of your FIL.. may god bless all to have a person like him as FIL...

And congrats for the weight loss but do keep eating healthy till your baby is old enough else where will you get energy to keep up with!! :)

Bedazzled said...

:-) ..sweet FIL !! skipping one meal is like hara kiri for me .. i would die of resentment and snap at people !! .. congrats on the weigh loss thou !

Bouncing-Bubble said...

Angel-thankews.. though I hardly look like lost-weight :(

EISi-really, I need to be specific and say I like flowers i/o gardens.. aamchi what? never heard!

Av-yes, I guess he feels so. And seriously how do ppl stay away from food?isn't that a basic necessity?

eisi-no. ur plan to tempt me into those sinful food will not work. me STRONG WILLED!

sakhi-haha! that comes from experience, no? yeah gotto run behind him soon enough so ur right!

Smita said...

Hi Miss Strong Willed :D

I have lost weight not by skipping meals but by eating more :-) yes instead 2 big meals I take 6-7 smaaall meals :-) trust me it works!!!

And that was so sweet of ur FIL, Seriously our elder generation is still so much grounded, emotional & understanding....

couchpapaya said...

ur fil is really sweet!! and congrats on ur weight loss, any loss is good so u shld celebrate. and from the goodness of my heart i will solve one of ur problems for u hehe .... u dont have to stop eating just choose what u eat, so here's a phenomenal recipe for frozen yogurt, tastes like ice cream but with NO guilt.


now the recipe calls for whole milk yogurt but i just finished making it with fat-free yogurt (which i hung for 3 hrs) & fresh strawberries and it is delish, little less creamy, more like a sorbet but still fulfills all cravings of ice cream. i also did without the vodka since i didnt have any but it's just used so that ice doesnt form in the ice cream. finally, u dont need an ice cream machine, let the ice cream set just a little bit then churn it with ur food processor, repeat abt 3-4 times and u get a perfectly creamy, not icey treat. ok, will stop now, but u can guess i've become an instant fan right ? :D

Bouncing-Bubble said...

Smi :)
Eating little and frequent u? Good, I have tried that.. so true abt the older gen. When hungry, all I know is I hv to eat :(

i JUST couldn't stop with looking at that recipe.. wow what a delicious site that one is. Am surely trying this one as suggested by you.. infact next to chocolate, I prefer strawberries when it comes to adding flavours to anything..