Her Doubts

Once upon a time there was a little girl who wouldn't venture out of the protective atmosphere of home unless it was SO essential.. She couldn't understand, nor appreciate what was so rosy out there beyond the seas, far from homeland.. And what made people who did go out, stick there and not come back.. But abroad she did go... and the place just grew on her... Time came when she had to return.. but she wasn't exactly pleased.. Has she grown intolerant? Has she ceased to think like the little girl that she was? Has she got SO used to BEING AWAY FROM HER OWN PEOPLE, that she's now confused about returning? Does she find it easier living away?


magicalsummer said...

anonymity, the ability to live life on your terms without anybody else (even if they are people you love, and sometimes especially when they are people you love) telling you how to live it, material comforts...all very persuasive factors in keeping us away from home. some people love the hustle and bustle of live lived among family...some hate the lack of privacy, but everybody enjoys being home...at least in small doses.
how would you know what suits you best bubbles, unless you tried it?

Bouncing-Bubble said...

ms-though i grew up in a household with grandparents at home to tell right from wrong, relatives visiting almost every other day, I've been enjoying this newfound solitude.. I find it easier to maintain harmony from a distance.. sometimes I've felt like I'm being selfish or something but am not too sure about that.
thanks for the last line, that's really reassuring

Angel's Flight said...

na babe...its natural...though I love to have people around me myself...there are times that I love to be alone..

I guess its the same for most!

Smita said...

Hmmm...I can understand what u r going thru. When am at my In Laws place I feel restricted guess it boils down to the fact that we become to used to of being independent & doing things the way we want to.

So u r shifting permanently??? When n where?? send me a mail sweetie!!!

Bouncing-Bubble said...

Angelia-oh yes! and this managing things myself has given me such a newfound freedom that i fear i'd lose it

Smitu-mail sent sweetie... and ur right. for that matter I am getting annoyed even if mom gives instructions/advices. God, I've changed so much and am surprising myself now.

eye-in-sty-in said...

hee hee - nopes... not used to living alone.... maybe just used to living in comfort and thats why she does not feel like going back?

yaar, word verification kab nikal rahi ho?

avdi said...

I firmly believe everyone should live on their own for a while. It gives you confidence.

No wonder you are apprehensive, I would be too.

What happened? Hubby's project is over?

WhatsInAName said...

Its all about the independence as others have already mentioned. All i can say is that there are pluses and minuses for everything. May be you can think of the good things waiting for you here ( like us ;-) and it might make you feel better.
so where are you shifting back to? Mumbai ? :-D Wishful thinking

Bouncing-Bubble said...

eisi-comfort is a reason but not THE reason..
as for word verif.. somewhere something I shd do.. will do that soon!

Av-we came with the plan that we'd be returning soon.. but as u say, I'm apprehensive . I value independence too much to lose it, sigh

wian - that's practical thought-pluses and minuses.. gosh, am really very resistant to even the tiniest change.. btw,i get "independence" spelling wrong 9/10 times..

udtahaathi said...

You are returning to India?
I have noticed women, after marriage changes drastically than men do, after living away from their families.
My cynical view (but from experience)- unless bound by severe constraints, the return stay is always a unpleasant compromise.

Bouncing-Bubble said...

uh-yes, I am.
and compromise is the right word, yes. its hard to please everyone and stay happy ourself.

Vee said...

It's much better for me to maintain the relation from distance.. works amazingly with me and I guess you feel the same.. so what if you are returning, you can continue ur solitude here as well.. There won't be any obligations I guess. After all, its your life and you got to decide how you live it.. be there or here, I am sure you will do fine.,

couchpapaya said...

i think everyone at different points of life has different priorities, and experiences which shape the way they feel and behave! it's not so much selfishness as knowing what works for you. good luck with returning, i hope u manage to come up with a good soln which makes u happy ... when are u going back, btw?

Bouncing-Bubble said...

Vee-thanks for the faith.. oh its wonderful being away.. guess till I land there my mind will find it hard to come to terms with reality..

papaya-In a month's time I'll be there.. things become real worse when all at home have similar confusions because of conflicting priorities.. thks for the wishes!