Its all in the mind, really

A friend invited me to her son's second B'day. I dropped in early to help her decorate the house. After sellotaping the balloons and ribbons I started arranging the letters of the boy's name to pop them up. She pulled me aside and said not to be angry, but she's changed the kid's name, based on the numerologist's advice. I was gobsmacked. Because, she had already changed the way her name is spelt sometime back. And her initials. And her wedding anniversary date. I was worried for her. But she felt (and still feels) these changes have indeed solved some of the problems which were posing as potential threats to her peace of mind. I am convinced that its her positive thinking combined with stubborn determination which bounces her back from any depths of worries and NOT any magical rearrangement of alphabets or numbers. But I know better than to advice her on this. I would never dissaude her from believing in her theories. If those things make her happy so be it.

But I draw a fine line when it comes to astrology/numerology. I'm not the kind who'd call them absolute humbug. But I would not run, horoscope in hand, at the first instance of trouble striking.

I'm not a very religious person either. I follow traditions only to the extent that I can. And I do them for my own/immediate family circle's satisfaction or just of out of habit. My father says one should either follow the system to the T, or be bold enough to say NO to such practices. but I'm content to balance (not hang) somewhere in between.

I don't make a face or ruffle my nose when someone eats non-veg, and consider people who do make faces to be really rude. And I do not like comments such as "She claims to be a vegeterian, but try tempting her with this pastry, you'll know!". Yes I've tried eating eggs, but disliked them. But I do eat some cakes made of eggs, as hey, they are tasty, so. If asked whether I'm a veg or a non-veg, I say I'm veg. If someome says I'm not being true to myself they're wrong. And I will not try and argue with people to prove my point.

I keep a bindhi even when I wear jeans/skirts or the most elegant frock coat. Well, the size of the bindhi may be small (Resembles a mosquito bite, is what my mother would say). But I don't panic when my bindhi falls off even when I'm in a saree and I couldn't find the bindhi packet in my handbag;

But I'm a temple person. It is not that I need to visit temples on a regular basis, but when at close proximity, I make it a habit. So when this friend of mine said there's a Vinayakar Temple 5 mins from where I live, I set out. I usually google any place before I visit, but since my friend said its about 10 steps from the shop I frequent, I went without doing the usual homework. The Temple was a small one but I was happy that there's a place of worship to visit. After returning home, I surfed for some info like how long the temple has been there etc. and came to know that the place where the temple now stands was apparently a leisure centre. Also, the tone of the article in which I read this was meant to give an idea of how people have gone to the extent of huddling many Gods together in for convenience sake. I was jolted a bit but not utterly shocked. So what if the place where a Peter was probably swimming or running on the treadmill has now become the place where a Palani comes to seek blessings from God? One could pray with solemnity at any place (be it a temple or not) is my humble opinion.

Mind and our numerous beliefs could really get complex. Not very frequently, I have found myself contradicting what I used to believe/follow. But why not, I ask? Its ok to change as the circumstances so warrant.


avdi said...

Bubs - lovely post. I am fairly ambivalent in my opinions as well, and like to keep an open mind.

avdi said...

BTW - the template is really nice. It is quite different from what I see around.

bouncingbubble said...

Av-I wish I had your ability of summing up so well. As for the template, it is simple but I like it a lot.

WhatsInAName said...

Wow! You echoed my sentiments. I am almost the same. I follow traditions as much as I can and want but if someone forces their opinion on me, I rebel! I have tasted non veg but have stopped it now. I still like eggs but don't make it at home since MIL is particular about it and Noone else likes it :)
Its really in the mind. Why follow something for others sake?

bouncingbubble said...

Wian:I really wish I liked eggs. It would be so much easier while traveling with no sparse veg fppd around and having to put up with a burger or a sub.

Shweta said...

Hi , I found your blog through Bhargavi's . Must say you write beautifully. I wish I could pen my thoughts so fluently. Great post.

bouncingbubble said...

Welcome to my blog, and thanks much!

Smita said...

I totally agree with you and the title mostly! It is all in the mind!

See I have never been one of those ppl who are too religious but when it comes to doing things which can make others happy my simple principle is "if doing something doesn't hurt and you and makes other happy then there is no harm in doing it" yes we shouldn't compromise or principles and neither shud we let these lead our life as in the case of ur fren!

We should know where to draw the line!

eye-in-sty-in said...

Isnt life all about feeling comfortable in ones own shoes.. as long as the walk's plesant and the shoe fits...wear it.. If it doesnt change it :-)

Loved the use of "gobsmacked"... I'll try to use it this week :-)

Did I say I loved this post?

The company we keep has a lot to do with our thoughts and actions... I'll not be surprised if your friend is surrounded by superstitious people....
(am I right?)

bouncingbubble said...

Smi-readin about the temple site, just made me ramble on whatever I've written.. as you've mentioned, i/o of just being stubborn we could just give in & do things for others' sake.

eisi:interestingly, my friend is not surrounded by superstitious ppl. but once you get into this kind of stuff and something good comes of it, you're afraid to detach yourself, lest something goes wrong..

Abhay Patel said...

lovely post. I like it. Thank you for sharing.

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