Its a small world afterall!!

There is this lovely aunt of mine, who advised "College days are meant to be fun.. You'll never gain back those days.. I was all studious and know how much I've missed... tk my advice and enjoy every minute". Its almost unnecessary to say how I found this advise to be the only sane one of all the numerous lectures that my poor ears had to tolerate, and WHY I refer to her as a "lovely aunt".

So right from the very first day of college, (err.. ofcourse after all those ragging ceremonies were over) me & my friends took an oath to have fun, in every possible way. And to make it more challenging, we decided to occupy the first 2 benches, and create a racket right under the nose of all the dutiful lecturers..

Don't we enjoy a thrill in irritating people who could lose their temper given the mildedst provocation? There was this lecturer, whom we named "Ms.Finicky". She was a guest faculty and we were bad "hosts". We just loved to rub her on the wrong side to get that stare from her, followed by clenching of fists, fast breathing, red lines forming in both eyes and what not... We were SUPPOSED to behave ourselves subsequent to this display of emotions. Her classes were the ones which we looked forward to.

Time passed by and we missed her presence in the subsequent years. But God and His Angels in Heaven had different plans for me!

It was the day of my betrothal, and as every other person I was ecstatic. From among the crowd, this close friend of mine, (who was enjoying a cup of juice when I was starving in the dais), hurriedly came towards me with an angry look and asked me why I've invited Ms. Finicky to the function. I gave her a blank look, and she understood what to do next. Ms.Detective's quick enquiry revealed that she is my spouse's aunt, and that she very well recognised all of us. Such turn of events are not-so-welcome!!

With a sheepish smile, minutes after the function, I had to pose with her as with all others, for photo sessions.. We (me, my friends and Ms.fini.. err, my spouse's aunt) had a small chat about those "good old days".. She didn't seem to have taken to heart of all our pranks.. Maybe we weren't all that bad;)


S said...

lol...twist of fate ehhh???

Ever talked to her about it????


WhatsInAName said...

That reminds me of one of our Maths teachers in school. He was a poor old man and yes, a lot finicky too. Even though, I was sympathetic towards him, not many of my friends shared my feelings and they troubled him no end :) Poor man.
I have not been as "lucky" as you to have met him but am sure our meeting, if it happens, will not be as pleasant as yours :)

Bouncing-Bubble said...

:p have never talked to her abt it, she's being diplomatic and I am still giggling whenever I see her..(which is not very often, Thank God!) :p


After this incident I was like "why couldn't she have been ur hubby's aunt" to some of my friends :))
Statistically, she's the teacher whom I've irritated so much hehehe..

couchpapaya said...

ms. bubbles!!! just stumbled across ur blog from avdi's!!! good to see one more familiar face here :D

lol at ur story. maybe she was just being sweet to the new bride. actually this is a horror story of sorts, am imagining what will be the outcome if i ever come across any teachers whom i've intensely irritated *shudders*


Bouncing-Bubble said...

Ms.Papaya :)

Lovely no, all congregated somehow?

lol, hope u never get to meet such teachers again..