The Mango Season - Amulya Malladi

Before I start off :-
a) I read this book few months back.
b) I do not have the book in my possession right now.

Then what prompts me to write about the book? This is one of those special books which I would never forget, just for the sheer delight I experienced reading this book. The story isn't all that uncommon. An Indian girl, Priya, goes abroad for studies and job purposes, and finds India dirty, filthy and boring when she comes after 7 years of stay in the US of A, for a small vacation. The one thing which she looks forward to is her favourite fruit - Mango. She's used to associating mangoes and the summer season in which its widely available to HAPPINESS.

She's been summoned by her parents to hunt for a "nice Indian boy" to marry her off, but little do they know of her affair with an American (with whom she's been living for some years now). Just as she waits for an opportune moment to get out with the truth about her love-life, she finds that some of her relatives have been living the life that the elders have designed for them (Unhappily so). Priya's straight-forward talk and assertiveness, and her attitude to stand up for herself to live life the way she just wants to, slowly influences their minds as well and they come out of their shell to straighten up their families.

And finally ofcourse, Priya does manage to have her way, after a bit of high drama by her conservative family!

I would give 4/5 for this book for all the humour packed into the book. Its a fun filled, delightful read. Irrespective of one's rapport with his/her mother, one couldn't help laughing out loud at Priya's plight in the hands of her mom, though she seems to have an understanding friend in her father.

There are mouth-watering recipes at the beginning of every chapter, and there's this family get-together for preparing mango pickles with loads of raw mangoes (which Priya's mother haggles and fights with the vendors for the best bargain). This and the mention of mangoes a million times, makes it kind of compulsory to have a mango by your side while reading this book :)

I managed to read "Serving Crazy with Curry" by the same author, but didn't enjoy that book to the same extent.


S said...

Hey Bubbly :)

Looks like my kind of book. But somehow the story looks quite familiar...there is a book called "For Matrimonail Purposes" same theme and a lovely book...try it.

Lemme search for this book :)


WhatsInAName said...

Miss Bubbles!
So, mango it is? And why not!!! :P
But yeah, loved the review. I think I will love the book as well.
Have you read Clive Avenue by Tirumurthy? Try it. You will love it. Its about a Tamil Brahmin family whose son has just returned from US and the story thereafter! I especially loved it since it brings out and mentions a lot of our customs in such a light manner that I had a smile throughout :)
Meanwhile I will add the book to my wishlist which is growing longer than Hanumans tail!

Bouncing-Bubble said...

Story is nothing unique at all, but do try reading this one I guess u'll also enjoy... there's soemthing to laugh and I loved the big laugh I had in the ending..

Have read "For Matrimonial Purposes" and liked it too.


hehe, yes :p..I was staring at even the cover for quite sometime.

The book is refreshing to read and its a very quick read as well..I liked the enthusiastic way in which its written.

I will check out Clive Avenue. I'm sure I'll like it too.

couchpapaya said...

mangoes, recipes, arranged marriages and confusion ... sounds a lot of fun!!! hope the library stocks this one at least :S


Bouncing-Bubble said...

Ms P - I loved the way Malladi had written this. Hope u find this book!

avdi said...

Hey Bubbles.. You had written about this book earlier too, in another avatar. Dont know where to procure this book! Let me check.

avdi said...

Just discovered the book on Pretty expensive yaar ! The list price is 749 for paperback ! Huge !

Bouncing-Bubble said...


749? :-O Huge indeed!! Though the book makes for a good read, its not worth that much for sure.. u sure abt the rate?

sakhi said...

i read this review today and it looks like a fun read! will give it a shot! :)

Bouncing-Bubble said...

Sakhi..yea fun read it is.. guess ur also a book worm.. cool! forgot to add u on my roll, will do tht right away!