Belatedly watched and read

Maybe because it has been snowing unusually for about two weeks dissuading me from venturing out, I was able to catch up with 3 idiots, Paa and London Dreams in the DVD. Enjoyed 3 idiots. Though it was heart breaking to see Maddy get less droolable these days. I even wondered why aging stars had to do the roles. Anyway I've got to read FPS to understand the controvery surrounding the movie better. About the much talked about delivery scene, I felt the scene was a bit forced (though it was certainly not as bad as the infamous Salaam Namaste scene).

And what was the idea behind Paa? If it was to showcase ABs acting prowess, I didn't appreciate much of it. To me it was a story, done to death. It would have touched a chord, if a child suffering from progeria was roped in.

I liked London Dreams the most (save the ending). I have always liked Salman and Ajay. Only, I disliked Asin and her wasted role in the movie.

Now finally, Palace of Illusions. (I really feel like the only person on Planet Earth to have read this book so late). I liked the book. And I was expecting to be awestruck but I was really not. I was transported to a different world with the way the book started, up until the stage when Bheeshma comes to take Panchaali and the Pandavas after their marriage. After that, to me, it was just the story which was told, and not much from Draupadi's pov. Maybe I was just greedy for more of a woman's perceptions. But the magic in the writing just seem to wear off.(atleast till the Great War started).

I am now very curious to know if the episode on Karna and Draupadi's love for each other is just a figment of the author's imagination or was it real. I found the mysterious love very fascinating.

I am now hooked onto Anita Desai's books. (Though something tells me its going to be a year before I finish the books. Having a toddler at home, helps you in citing him/her as the reason, for you slowing down. That you may have born with lazy bones all over would be conveniently pushed to the background ;)).


couchpapaya said...

Until the war actually starts there's a lot of fictional scope for Banerjee. And once the war starts, the sequence of events that need to be related means there's not that much of a chance to get into people's motivations - you are right, it got slow for me around that time too!

I found Karna so fascinating here, I bought Mrityunjay which is a book about him by author Shivaji Sawant. I remember my parents telling me about it, my mom even crying when reading it. The problem, it's in Marathi. I have yet to open it :(

I think I might have had some excerpt from A Village by the sea as part of our school syllabus, but cannot remember reading anything else by Desai. Any reccos?

Bedazzled said...

i havent read palace of illusions.. so u r not that late!.. i read couple of anita Desai's books and found them a bit depressing ,but that was a long time ago.. have to venture back into her books..havent watched paa and London dreams..watched 3 idiots and found it decent.. i read the book really long time back ,so will have to revisit it as well.. but i remembered thinking that the plot was changed majorly in the movie !

Bouncing-Bubble said...

cp-i tried leaving a comment on ur poi review but it took long to upload.. do you know if Panchaali's love for Karna was fictional or not? God, I'm dying to know..if there's no translated version for Mrityunjay, I cldn't read it:(however I'm looking up for similar book which wld throw some insight into the characters of Mahabaratha..
as for this bk, esply once they build the Palace, things start getting more like how everyone feels and it becomes like a story told, not necessarily in Drapadi's pov.
I borrowed around 4 bks by Anita Desai...Have completed only Fasting and Feasting..I think I'll like her style.

Bouncing-Bubble said...

dazz-oh are Anita's books sad then? The one I read was kind of depressing, though I thought the whole set might not for 3 idiots I really must read FPS..

avdi said...

I havent read it either. I watched only Paa and I agree with you. Why not get kid to play a progeria child? It seems only the skin gets wrinkly, the kids dont get six footed.

I am waiting to see 3 idiots too, and care no more for the controversy. The 3i team should have given CB prominent credit.. n thats it.

couchpapaya said...

I think it's fictional. Granted, I havnt actually read any versions of the Mahabharata (my knowledge is mostly from Amar Chitra Katha and the DD serial hehe), so I've never come across it anywhere. Wiki mentions that the book was translated to 5 languages.

Smita said...

Aha! So u too loved London Dreams!! Yay!! There are so many ppl who loved it but the movie didn't work :-(

As far as Palace of Illusions is concerned u know my views :) am still smitten with the book :) and u know what? Her new book has come the "One Amazing Thing" am waiting to grab a copy!! CP U listening?? :D But for me The char in the book was Krishna, I just fell in love with him!!

I haven't read any book by Anita Desai but I always confuse her with Anita Nair & I blame for WIAN for it!!! Anyways do read her and tell how she is!!! The books that I have seen from her are ll very very expensive :( and may be thats why I have never read her!!!

And girl high time u read FPS :p

And yes I liked Paa for the simple reason that it was a movie well made and Senior B was damn good!!!

WhatsInAName said...

I didn't like the delivery scene in 3I either. Similarly that last kiss between aamir and kareena was too awkwardly shot. As for controversy, they keep coming and going. But wish CB had got credit since movie had picked a lot of its stuff from the book
As for toddler being a reason :) I have stopped giving any reason

WhatsInAName said...
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Bouncing-Bubble said...

Av-i didn't get the point of the movie (paa).. and for once I understood why people hate vidya balan.. I used to think she was not bad..

cp-i will look out for the book being on the top flr with library on the grd flr helps:D

Smi-i felt the movie and devgan's characterisation were def good;didn't know abt the new book...Krishna is such a charismatic char. in any version, he sure stands out. as for FPS, its really high time I read, everyone love the bk..

wian-now what would be the bulldozer which cld shatter the wall?:) lol, I felt like lookign at kamal kissing a 20 smething heroine when I saw aamir-kar scene..