What crossed my mind

Just like every other peron, on the last day of 2009, I was contemplating on the happenings in my life, when few childhood reminiscences brought a smile on my face..
...I used to dread the thought of someone asking me what my New Year resolution was. (Why was it was an unwritten rule that everyone ought to have a resolution?)

...I thought saying "same to you" was unfriendly when someone wishes you "Happy New Yr". Wish you the same was slightly better, but I was happier with "Happ New Yr". And being the wicked guy that my brother was, he used to chase me throughout the day with "same to you".

...Dec 31st is a close friend's B'day. So few of us, friends, used to gang up in the terrace of her house, and have a blast. (If nothing, we just used to talk the whole evening. Girls can never run out of topics to chat).

...I used to join granny in giving long lectures about how people throng temples on Jan 1st, while there's only less than half the crowd during Pongal/Varuda pirappu.

...On New Year's eve, I used to strictly tell dad not to rebuke me even if I forget to switch off the motor when the tank overflows, and to mom not to take it out on me if she missed the ladies spl bus, and had to board the already packed to capacity bus. This, as I felt if I bear the brunt of someone's anger, on the 1st day of the year, I would face with similar situations every other day. The senti idiot that I was!


Smita said...

I still believe in the last one ;-) though for the sake of laughters!!! If things like this wud really be true then we wud end up eating out every day of the week which means no cooking :D

Like you I too never believed in making resolutions!!! I mean why do we need a special day to make one?

Wish you the Happiest year ever dear :))

WhatsInAName said...

So sweet memories.
Wish you a very happy new year, girl.
And yes I am superstitious as well. Infact too much. I will write about it someday

Bouncing-Bubble said...

Smi-Frankly I too believe still, in the last one, just that am not as paranoid as I used to be earlier:)
Happy New year to you too!

Wian-Happy New Year! Can't wait to read!about time u write something.

avdi said...

Yes I know. I would wear a new outfit on 1st, assuming that meant my new year would be filled new garments. I would try to visit the gurdwara and buy little gifts for the children, try to cook something good, wake early etc. But alas, it never changed me. :)

You have a great 2010 BB.

couchpapaya said...

Dont believe in the first one either. However, ever since I started saying that, it's amazing how many people get defensive. I just sat through a lecture where a friend mentioned the kind of resolutions he makes and how they're not to be made light of etc etc ... even though I tried my hardest to let him know it was my experience and I wasnt deriding his in any way. Next time I'll keep my big mouth shut. Have a great year, Bubbles.

Bouncing-Bubble said...

Av-:)that wearing new dress I missed. sigh.. such sentiments I used to have... and still not able to forego some! wish u great year too, Av!

papaya-lol..have escaped from getting into an argument on that, till now.. though I really could not see why ppl find resolutions an absolute necessity on New yr's day.. u too have a great year ahead!

Angel's Flight said...

me too! I still believe in the last one!

And I dont make resolutions either...why take the pain of making them when you are really going to break them anyway!

Happy New to you Girl!

Bouncing-Bubble said...

there, you've given out the real reason why I hate resolutions;)
Happy New Yr to you too dear!